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    Giáo án bài giảng điện tử e-Learning :Unit 11: Traveling around Viet Nam
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    Cuộc thi Thiết kế hồ sơ bài giảng điện tử e-Learning




    Giáo án bài giảng

    Unit 11: Traveling around Viet Nam

    Lesson 1: Getting started + Listen and read


    Chương trình Tiếng Anh, lớp 8 THCS

    (sử dụng phần mềm ADOBE PRESENTER 7)


    Giáo viên: Nguyễn Thị Yến

    Trường THCS Lê Quý Đôn

    Tp Kon Tum – Tỉnh Kon Tum



    Tháng 5 / 2012



    Week:                                                                           Preparing date:

    Period:                                                                         Teaching date:      



    I.Objectives: By the end of the lesson, Sts will be able to:

    • Know some interesting places in Vietnam.
    • Give polite requests and reply.
    • Practice listening- speaking- reading and writing
    • Love Viet Nam and be proud of a Vietnamese citizen

    II.Language content:

    • Vocabulary: water buffalo, harbor, sugar cane, corn, forty-minute drive...
    • Grammar: Would you mind + V-ing..?

                      Would you mind if I + V(-ed/2)…?

    III.Teaching aids:  projector, computer

    IV.Techniques: Communicative method, …


    Teacher’s and Students’ activities


    Warm up:

    T introduces the new lesson:

    Viet Nam is one of the most beautiful country in the world. It has a lot of wonderful sceneries. Today we are going to learn Unit 11: Traveling around Viet Nam.

    Ss listen to the teacher.

    T shows a map of Viet Nam  and says:

    We are going to travel to 4 places in Viet Nam: Ha Noi, Hue, Quang Ninh and Ho Chi Minh City. Let’s travel from Northern Viet Nam to Southern Viet Nam.

    T shows four pictures and aks sts to say their names. T says something more about them.Then gives 4 names and 4 places.

    Ss match the names with the pictures.

    Drill pronunciation.


    T sets the scene:Tim is Hoa’s penpal in America. He and his family are going to


    travel around HaNoi from Noi Bai Airport. Hoa is going to meet them.

    T elicits vocab by showing pictures

    Drill pronunciation.

    Check vocab by saying in English



    T gives some sentences, asks sts to guess True or False and answer.

    Ss give their  answers.










    Sts listen to the tape , then check their prediction.

    T gives feedback.


    T: Have S practice the dialogue .

    T notices sts about the grammar.

















    T: Give some more exercises and ask S to do exercises.





    T: introduce some more special things in Viet Nam and educate sts to love Viet Nam  country

    Home work:

    T gives homework on the board and asks sts to do . 







    I.Getting started

    Match the names with the pictures:






    The Temple of Literature ©

    Ngo Mon (Gate) (a)

    Ha Long Bay (d)

    Nha Rong Harbor (b)


    II.Listen and Read






    -water buffalo:(n)

    -> A boy riding a water buffalo.

    -sugar cane: (n)


    -luggage: (n)

    -take a photo: (v)

    True or False prediction:

    a.This is the first time Hoa has met Tim’s family.

    b.Hoa  helps Mrs. Jones with her luggage.

    c.The Jones family is traveling from the airport in a bus.

    d.Shannon has never seen rice paddies before.

    e.The car is traveling past farmland.

    f.Only rice and corn are grown around Ha Noi.


    a/ T          b/ T

    c/ F -> in a taxi

    d/ T          e/ T

    f/ F -> not only rice and corn but also sugar canes

    Practice the dialogue in groups

    Mr Jones;Mrs Jones; Shannon; Tim; Hoa

    Polite request:


    - Would you mind sitting in the front seat of the taxi?

    - Would you mind if I took a photo?

    Would you mind + V-ing ...?

    -> yêu cầu ai làm gì.

    Would you mind + if I +V(past tense).?

    -> xin phép ai làm gì


     No problem/Not at all…


    I’m sorry I can’t…

    Multiple choice:

    1.Hoa’d like to sit with Tim and Shannon.

    2.Tim’s family is traveling in a taxi.

    3.Shannon has never seen rice paddies before.

    4. Would you mind stopping the car?

    5. Would you mind if I sat with Tim and Shannon?


    Home work:

         -Learn vocab + grammar  by heart

    -Imagine you has a pen pal in England. Write a short letter to your pen pal to introduce Vietnam  and invite him/her to visit your country one day.

    -Prepare Unit 11: (Speak)









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